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 The value of your investments can go down as well as up. Losses can exceed deposits on margin products. Please ensure you understand the risks

Service Comparison

Advisory Execution Only
Ocean Capital Trade Ideas X X
Platform Research Tools X X
Tailored Trade Recommendations X
Monitoring Service  X
Dedicated Trader X


Ocean Capital Group Advisory Service is designed for active traders and investors who want to take advantage of the latest market developments.

Choosing to trade through the advisory account provides you with the  benefit of a dedicated team of analysts and traders providing breaking news and trade recommendations on your favourite markets.

The service is ideal for busy people who want to be kept abreast of the changing market environment and select from a wide range of carefully constructed trading opportunities.

A full monitoring service is provided and advice on when to buy and when to sell any position in your portfolio.

Traders and investors opening an Ocean Capital Group Advisory Account will benefit from a Shard Go platform which offers CFDs and multiple investment products.

Trade Recommendations

Ocean Capital Group will provide trade recommendations based on your areas of interest and tailor the service to your lifestyle


Once as trade is placed, Ocean Capital Group will monitor your positions and keep you updated of any developments impacting your positions including advice on when to open and when to close existing positions or those on a watchlist.

Tailored Service

The Ocean Capital Group  Advisory Service is designed to work in harmony with your lifestyle and trading preferences. We understand no two clients are the same so we shape around you.  



Ocean Capital Group  Execution-Only Accounts are perfect for the self-directed traders who wants to gain access to a wide range of informative research and trade ideas through their broker and trading platform.

Selecting one or even two trading platforms with Ocean Capital Group means you will not only access Ocean Capital Group  Research and Trade Ideas but an arsenal of trading and analytical tools through their platform.

You can view the comprehensive range of trading research and analytical tools available to Ocean Capital Group clients in our Research Area. 

Like advisory clients, execution-only accounts can deal over the phone for no additional charge to the rate card dealing fee.

Traders and investors opening an Ocean Capital Group Execution-Only Account will benefit from a Shard Go platform which offers CFDs and multiple investment products.

Trade Ideas

All Ocean Capital Group  account holders have full access to our trade ideas and research area. Simply open an account and start exploring new trading ideas now. 

Analytical Tools

Speak to one of the team or visit our research comparison in the ‘Research & Ideas’ section to discover the platforms offering the analysis tools you need to execute your trading strategy.


Platform Provider:

Shard Go

Choose ‘Shard Go’ through Ocean Capital Group and get a comprehensive selection of research tools from both Ocean Capital Group and Shard Go.

Trading Account Services and Charges

Execution Only

  • 0.1% Stock CFDs

  • 0.05% Indices CFDs

  • Financing from 3% +/- LIBOR

  • Stock CFD margin from 4%

  • FTSE 100 spreads from 1 point

  • GBP/USD spreads from 1 point


  • 0.5% Stock CFDs

  • 0.1% Indices CFDs

  • Financing from 3% +/- LIBOR

  • Stock CFD margin from 10%

  • FTSE 100 spreads from 1 point

  • GBP/USD spreads from 1 point

Ocean helps you trade from where ever you are.



Mobile Apps


Ocean Capital is dedicated to enhancing UK traders and investors dealing experience.

To help us achieve this with do not charge extra for telephone dealing and have ensured we partner with platforms providing comprehensive dealing platforms and state-of-art iOS and Andriod apps.

Which service is best for me?

The level of service a trader or investor takes depends on a wide range of factors including experience, lifestyle, capital and the trading strategy they wish to pursue.

For example, a busy individual trading shares or single stock CFDs actively may wish to open an advisory account because they can be updated of the latest development in the markets and select from a range of trades presented to them from their dedicated trader or analyst.

Another example is someone who likes to trade the FTSE 100 based on technical indicators and analysis of a wide range of research. This person may wish to open an execution-only account an benefit from the significant analytical opportunities provided through Ocean Capital Group.

For more information on the level of service available to you, please contact our team 0207 952 5328.


Who is in control of an Advisory Account?

You as the client.

Ocean Capital Group will provide the trade recommendations and monitoring service but trades are only placed on your account with your express agreement when you are happy to execute.

How am I charged for the Advisory Service?

The Advice provided by Ocean Capital Group is free and you only pay a commission which reflects the level of service when you place a trade.

Can I open an Execution-Only Account and Advisory Account?

Yes of course.

You can even open two accounts with different service levels on different platforms.

Can you deal on my behalf if I have an Execution-Only Account?

Yes, you can deal over the telephone for no extra charge with an Ocean Capital Group broker.

any questions?

For more information about our services, please visit contact page.

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